Arcade1Up Announces Pong Table, X-Men Cabinet


A Pong pub table and an X-Men arcade cabinet are the latest two machines from Arcade1Up, the maker of reproduction cabinets made for the home.

The Pong pub table looks just like it sounds, says Hypebeast… a machine you can stand around, playing classic Atari games like Pong (of course), Tempest, Warlords and Super Breakout. The X-Men cabinet is an updated version of the current 4-player machine; it now has support for online play against other cabinet owners, plus an expanding game library that now includes Captain America and The Avengers and The Avengers in Galactic Storm.

Click here to see the very cool-looking Pong table and click here to peak at the colorful X-Men machine. Visit for more information on their other products.


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