Arcade Ops Join Facebook Council


UnderNeonGlowMiaMarkDSC03190_modIn business just about one year now, the two owners of Pasadena’s Neon Retro Arcade have been honored to join with only a dozen other U.S. businesses on Facebook’s Small and Medium Business Council for 2016. Owners Mia Mazadiego and her husband Mark Guenther were recognized for their savvy use of social media in promoting their classic game arcade in the California city’s Old Town, according to a story in the May 7-8 edition of the Los Angeles Daily News.

The game room offers over 50 retro videos and pins, all set on free play, for a rate of $10.00 an hour. By targeting their audience of baby boomers, millennials and others through effective use of Face Book, etc., a whole lot more players have been coming in than if they had just opened the door to street traffic. The game mix, which they try to vary, includes the usual suspects, like Pac-Man, Centipede, Donkey Kong, etc. Google up the Neon Retro Arcade and check out their excellent website. These youngsters know what marketing is all about in the electronic age!



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