Arcade Bar Hits San Jose

The long-awaited arcade bar Miniboss has finally opened its doors in downtown San Jose, Calif., according to the Mercury News.
Eight pinball machines and 32 arcade games – with an “old-school” 80s and 90s feel – grace the floor. Pins like Attack from Mars (1995) and video games like Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991), SunsetRiders (1991) and X-Men vs. Street Fighter (1996) are among those featured.
The arcade bar sits in the space of a long-shuttered nightclub, Toons Piano Bar, located in a historic building on a key corner of the city. “We’re are very optimistic about the trajectory of downtown San Jose, so we are hopeful about this,” said Dan Phan, one of the co-owners.
No stranger to the San Jose nightlife scene, about seven years ago, Phan and business partner Johnny Wang opened a popular craft beer pub a few blocks away from their new Miniboss location. In 2014, they launched a craft cocktail bar next door. The bar started its dinner service at the grand opening Feb. 7 and intends on offering lunch beginning in about a month.

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