Arcade 2084 Opens Outside of Portland


Delayed due to coronavirus, Arcade 2084 is finally open in Hillsboro, Ore. The 1980s-themed arcade, opened by Eric Milavets and his partner Shana Nelson, has an array of classic video games and pinball machines, but business hasn’t been great in the first couple weeks of opening.

“It has been a really surreal time to try to open a business,” Nelson told the Portland Tribune. The couple sold their house and cashed in their retirement savings to do just that – of course, that was before knowing there was a global pandemic that would force a delayed opening and an economic recession.

Also a bar, the arcade features a meticulously designed game room with 18 classics like business namesake Robotron 2084 and Pac-Man. More games are planned for the arcade, but machines and parts shipping has been delayed or canceled entirely.

Visit for more information about the new business.


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