Apple Industries at DEAL This Week in Dubai


Apple Industries will be at the DEAL Expo in booth #3-C92 this week in the Middle East. The company will showcase their latest photo booth innovations, never before seen in the region, including the Photoma booth and another surprise.

“The Face Place Photoma photo booth is a seamless ‘unibody’ with rounded edges,” explained CEO Allen Weisberg, who will be attending the DEAL 2023 show along with Apple Industries’ president Scott Avery and senior director of technology Jesse Weisberg.

“We’ve added lights inside the Photoma photo booth that flash and change colors on the booth, and on the cabinet. It’s a visual sensation between the light changing and the color of the cabinet changing due to the configuration of the cabinet no longer having a square design. Our in-house design team worked on this cabinet for over two years.”

The company also recently shared that their Marvel Adventure Lab booth continues to succeed, seeing a recent spike in revenue due to the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania in theaters. Visit for more info.


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