Angry Birds Movie May Boost Arcade Tie-In


 With the release of the Angry Birds Movie today (05/20), many operators are hoping for a collection boost in ICE’s Angry Birds Arcade game, as well as the vast array of plush, stickers and toy tie-ins related to this global franchise.

In 2014, Rovio – the original publisher of Angry Birds – announced that the game had over 200 million active monthly players. And that wasn’t even at peak popularity! The game has been downloaded over two billion times, and according to Rovio, players spend 200 million minutes per day combined playing the game. That’s equal to 16 years of gameplay every hour of every day.

With this information in mind, we think it’s fair to say that the movie will only continue the franchise’s popularity, and that the tie-ins that affect our industry will hopefully experience more attention. For more information on Angry Birds Arcade visit


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