Andamiro Releases Pump It Up Mobile Edition


As part of Andamiro’s celebration of the Pump It Up 20th anniversary, it recently released a mobile edition available now at the Google Play Store (an Apple/iOS version will be available at a later date).

“Putting the dance stage in the player’s hand,” Pump It Up Mobile Edition is a free app that allows players to enjoy a similar version to the arcade cabinet that was a hit since its August 1999 release.

Pump It Up Mobile Edition will allow anyone at any time to experience the nostalgia of Pump It Up on their phones,” said Changhee Son, team leader of M-Business unit, which spearheads the development of Andamiro’s music products. “It will also introduce Pump It Up to a whole new audience.” Here’s a video of the game.

A wide range of difficulty levels were made to please beginner to expert-level players. Mobile-exclusive songs never played on the arcade version have also been included. Learn more at


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