Andamiro Launches Trade-In Program for New Game Credit


Andamiro USA recently announced a program designed to help arcade and street operators refresh their crane machine offerings. The program invites operators to trade in the motherboards (PCBs) from any crane machine – regardless of make, model or year – for a substantial credit toward the purchase of their new Crazy Toy crane.

This trade-in offer is valid through authorized Andamiro distributors now through May 31. Under the terms of the program, operators can receive a $300 credit for trading in 1-4 PCBs and a $500 credit for five or more PCBs.

“This trade-in program represents a unique opportunity for operators to enhance their locations with our new Crazy Toy crane machines at a significantly reduced cost,” said Jim “Jimmy Chaps” Chapman of Andamiro USA. “We’re committed to providing value to our partners while promoting the advancement of the arcade industry.”

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