Amusement Expo Organizers Share Covid Specifics for Show


As of June 1, there are no capacity limits or specific Covid restrictions at public events in Las Vegas, report organizers of Amusement Expo, which will be held in the city June 29-July 1. However, they said they will “retain many of the Covid mitigation plans” that were already in place, namely adhering to CDC guidelines on face coverings.

That means attendees, exhibitors and others on the trade show floor and at other Expo events will not have to wear a face mask if they’re fully vaccinated. Those who are not fully vaccinated will be encouraged to wear a mask, which will be made available.

The same goes for social distancing… unvaccinated individuals “should maintain the CDC recommended six-foot distance from others, in both indoor and outdoor spaces.”

This year’s trade show floor has been expanded to utilize two halls (North Hall 1 & 2) of the Las Vegas Convention Center, which allows for significantly increased space among those navigating the show floor.

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