Amusement Expo Education Day Sets Tone for Event; First Day of Trade Show Starts Today at LVCC


After a year-plus of the Covid-19 pandemic, Day #1 of Amusement Expo started off on the right foot with a reality check from motivational speaker John Kriesel, who lost his legs and two friends in an Iraq War explosion. His keynote, called “Still Standing, Still Smiling,” was a reminder that the challenges we all face can be overcome with the right attitude and a good plan.

John Kriesel

The rest of the day was jam-packed with educational sessions on everything from minimum wage increases and esports to operator roundtables and a full track of VR-specific seminars during the VR Summit.

To wrap things up, a closing session on Leadership During Crisis featured Beth Standlee of TrainerTainment, Drew Krouse of ICE, Elaine Hodgson of Incredible Technologies and Ron Powers of TopGolf. The group discussed how they handled the pandemic and what they learned coming out the other side.

RePlay will have full coverage of the sessions in the August issue of the magazine. In the meantime, we’ll see you on the trade show floor or at Booth #330!

Bob Burnham (center) and Luke Adams (left) led an operator roundtable on League Management.

During the closing keynote, from left: Drew Krouse of ICE, Ron Powers of TopGolf and Elaine Hodgson of IT.



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