AMOA Seeks Operation Chokepoint Victims


AMOA is reaching out to operators and distributors who may have been affected by a recent wave of bank account closures affecting ATM operators. The abrupt closures are a result of the misapplication of Operation Chokepoint, the government’s attempt to strangle the money supply of those participating in less-than-legal activities.

If you’ve gotten an unwanted account closure in the last 18-24 months, send your story to [email protected] as soon as possible. If you get an abrupt shutdown notice in the future, AMOA still wants you to reach out to let them know what happened, how much time you were given and whether you ever got an explanation.

In a closing statement, the AMOA says they continue to work with Dentons, the association’s legislative council, to ensure that the voice of the industry is heard. The AMOA is afraid that Operation Chokepoint is just the beginning of an evolution into increased over-regulation of small business, and hopes to fight that from the outset.


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