AMOA-NY Gala to Honor Betson’s Bob Dipipi April 15


AMOA-NY has chosen Bob Dipipi, vice president of sales and purchasing at Betson Enterprises, as their 2024 guest of honor, to be celebrated at Ben and Jack’s in New York City on April 15.

“It is hard to believe that I am approaching my 30th year with Betson, and Betson itself is approaching its 90th anniversary,” Dipipi said. “Although I am not ‘family’ – the Bettis have always treated me like family. It’s been a great partnership.”

Dipipi started his coin-op career at Merit Industries and signed on with Betson in 1995. Reported AMOA-NY: “The Cornell graduate and former college baseball player served as sales manager in Betson’s Philadelphia office and transitioned through other key roles and responsibilities before rising to his current position as vice president of sales and purchasing for the distribution giant.”

At last year’s gala, the association celebrated Michael Pace, the founder and chairman of Pace-O-Matic.

Learn more about AMOA-NY’s ticket and souvenir journal information by calling 802-362-4034.


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