AMOA-NDA Announces Team USA 2017


This year’s U.S. champions for 2017’s International Challenge have been chosen by the AMOA-NDA following an impressive performance at Team Dart 2016. The International Challenge highlights the best players from around the world at each Team Dart tournament. The players selected participated in the Masters event and had the highest performance scores at this year’s Team Dart. The 2017 team will be defending the title of International Champions, as 2016’s Men’s Team beat Germany in the final match.

Women: Regular: Tricia Pluff; Carolyn Nessmann; Julie Weger; Holly Thompson.
Alternates: Amy Borland; Wendy Espinoza; Heidi Raines; Lisa Yee.

Men: Regular: Willard Bruguier; Ben Dersch; Jeremiah Millar; Leonard Gates.
Alternates: Eric Blackledge; Scott Ferrian; Scott Kirchner; Randy Van Deursen.


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