AMOA Appreciates Members


Aug. 22 was the AMOA’s 2nd Annual Member Appreciation Day in which the association drew prize winners live on their Facebook page. They gave away a two-night stay at the 2020 Amusement Expo host hotel, $50 gift cards and other items. The grand prize, a free 2020 AMOA membership, went to Larry Simmons of All Star Inc.

Other winners included: Lynn Endres, Area Amusements; Dawn Cuzalina, Cuzalina’s Western Novelty; Cheryl Spas, Darts N Stuff Amusements; Terri Spivey, Diamond Amusements; Jerry Freidel, Freidel Music & Recreation; Greg Frieden, Fun Time Amusement; Bobby Hogin, Hogin Amusement Company; Sam Westgate, J & J Ventures; Jason Musser, J & S Electronics; Dennis Brown, Lucky Coin Machine Co.; Kyle Shepherd, Lucky Coin; Harry Brown, Music & Games; Neil Gilbertson, Northern Lakes Amusement; John Pascaretti, Pascaretti Enterprises; Ali Mehdi, Pioneer Games; Craig Byler, Progressive Amusement; Jim Pietrangelo, Queen of Virginia Skill & Entertainment; Martin Murin, Rainbow Falls Video Service Corp.; Michael Hester, Skill Game USA; Michael Eppler, Suburban Vending Co.; and Kevin McDonald, Vend Alaska.

They also announced a member registration discount code – thanksforbeingawesome – for their On The Road Program, held at the O’Hare Westin in Rosemont, Ill., from Oct. 25-27. More information is available at


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