AMI Unveils Two New Jukes


Last week’s Amusement Expo saw a host of new equipment, including several exciting pieces from AMI Entertainment Network.


NGX Ultra

The NGX Ultra is a new flagship piece for the company, which features dual screens that are capable of simultaneously offering the customer control over music choice while also displaying one of the multiple music videos available exclusively to AMI customers. The large, top monitor can also be utilized with AMI’s BarLink mobile app and the Ad Manager system to further increase customer interaction and revenues. The new juke is shipping in April.

The NGX Mini 2 is an improved version of AMI’s compact juke. The machine has a wide touchscreen, accent lighting that beats to the music and can be upgraded to support music videos.

NGX Mini 2

NGX Mini 2

In addition to the new models, AMI revealed two new accessories – a subwoofer stand and a new illuminating jukebox skin for the NGX model. The NGX Subwoofer Jukebox Stand (shipping April) has a 12” Dayton audio-powered subwoofer that also provides an alternative method for installing a jukebox on location. Instead of mounting it on the wall, it can be set up on the stand to avoid installation hassles. The NGX Tempo Skin (available summer) adds an attention-grabbing frame that can be customized to a color and brightness, and beat to the music.

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