AMI Touts New Ad, TV Features


AMI Entertainment Network has announced several updates for its Tap TV and jukebox line designed to help streamline their management, as well as increase the time patrons spend on location and boost revenue for operators.

With AMI’s Ad Manager, operators and locations can now create, edit and schedule ads for Tap TV systems and AMI jukeboxes from a smartphone or tablet via the factory’s operator website. AMI says Ad Manager is easy to use and is “a great tool for locations to promote specials and events, ultimately boosting sales.”

Operators can also now schedule and organize free Tap TV trivia tournaments (available in eligible states) through that same operator website. These hour-by-hour or multi-day trivia events pit location guests against each other (or digital competitors), and gives players the chance to win real-world prizes.

On the music side, AMI says its new Priority Play jukebox feature can help generate more revenue for operators and locations. For an additional credit (or more), patrons can pay to bump up their song selection so it plays next. (The operator can disable this feature if desired.) Through the operator website, AMI jukes can have their background music options managed to control which genre plays, set delays between song and adjust a song’s popularity.

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