American Pinball Teases Galactic Tank Force Game


The latest game from American Pinball is reportedly due at the end of the month. The company recently released their latest teaser trailer, which you can click here to watch. Called Galactic Tank Force, the machine was designed by industry legend Dennis Nordman.

According to Knapp Arcade, Nordman shared some info about the game on his social media, noting that the teaser video shows the game with its Limited-Edition trim. The game will also come in a standard cabinet.

“Finally! I can show what I’ve been creating, on and off, for the past few years,” Nordman wrote. “This is the cabinet for my new game, Galactic Tank Force. Of course, it didn’t get to this point without the help of many other talented people. This is the cabinet in its folded-up position. It opens to reveal a pinball game inside.”

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