American Pinball Hires Dave Brennan in Tech


The newest addition at American Pinball is Dave Brennan; the company recently announced him as their technical services manager. Brennan has more than seven years of troubleshooting experience, fixing and restoring pinball machines of all eras.

One of his first initiatives is to start an ongoing series of instructional videos covering topics such as new game setup, how to update code, maintenance tips and more.

“I’m really looking forward to starting conversations with American Pinball owners and distributors to determine how I can best serve the pinball community,” he said. “I am extremely excited about this opportunity with American Pinball.”

With his passion for pinball repair and restoration, Brennan has repaired more than 100 games and fully restored more than two dozen pinball machines in the last several years, in addition to assisting many collectors with troubleshooting technical issues with their home games.

One of his most recent projects is livestreaming real-time progress as he repairs and restores a Gottlieb Alien Star on Twitch and Facebook, while interacting with his viewers on his Twitch channel ( and the Turbografx7 Facebook Group as an affiliate of The Pinball Network.


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