Alley Cats Tag Creative Works



The northern Texas FEC franchise Alley Cats announced another contract with Creative Works for a laser tag arena in its new expansion. On top of laser tag, the nearly 60,000-sq.-ft. center added rock climbing, bowling, a laser maze and more holes to its mini golf. Creative Works President Armando Lanuti aimed for a unique design at the Hurst, Texas, center.

“They wanted to do a different theme for their second location, and they wanted to do something unique that really hadn’t been seen much in the laser tag side of things before,” said Lanuti. “So we did a really cool custom steampunk theme for Alley Cats and another one of our clients at the same time.”

On entering the arena, players must navigate through brick and sheet metal barriers to square off against their opponents. Additionally, girders, barrels and podiums with moving propellers act as obstacles and improvised cover for players under fire. Custom airbrushed window murals line the walls with the silhouettes of Victorian-style buildings. A tall, ornate clock tower sits in the center of the room as players weave around the prop during game play.

“We were their first choice,” Lanuti stated. “This is the third laser tag we’ve done for them. They’ve also purchased multiple Lazer Frenzy games from us and other attractions over the years. At their original location, we built a custom sci-fi theme because they were called Alley Cats with a kind of 1950s motif. Then, they had us update that with a more modern look earlier in the year and then we just built this new location for them.”

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