Albuquerque Bowling Alley Reopening Today, April 30


Skidmore’s Holiday Bowl in Albuquerque, N.M., is finally reopened as of today, April 30. Despite the business being closed for bowling since the pandemic began, according to KOB 4, they’ve been serving food throughout.

Owner Gary Skidmore said he’s ready to get a roll on things and is working to fill 20 positions. New hires will be given a $400 bonus after 90 days of employment – an incentive the alley hopes can get people to stay.

To start, every other lane will be in use – per the state’s guidelines. It’s “better than nothing” since Skidmore had been losing $35,000 a month throughout the Covid restrictions. “We really needed this shot in the arm – pun intended I guess.” Learn more at


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