Activate Games Adds 30 Stores in U.K., Ireland


Activate Games has announced a new expansion into the U.K. and Ireland thanks to a partnership with We Do Play, which will add 30 locations to the countries. Activate locations offer a unique blend of physical activity and gameplay that promotes a healthy lifestyle through fun and interactive rooms for players to compete, earn stars, and track achievements.

“This expansion marks a significant milestone in Activate’s journey,” said founder and CEO Adam Schmidt. “The U.K. and Ireland have long been on our radar as markets ripe for Activate’s unique blend of interactive gaming and physical activity. We are excited to bring our adrenaline-pumping adventures to communities across these regions and provide an unforgettable entertainment experience for players of all ages.”

Added Richard Beese, co-owner of We Do Play: “We are committed to diversifying leisure offerings and providing our guests with innovative entertainment experiences. With the launch of 30 new stores in the U.K. and Ireland, we are thrilled to introduce Activate to a new audience and create lasting memories for families, friends and gaming enthusiasts alike.”

Activate will unveil more than 20 new stores across the U.S. and Canada this year and will also further expand into the Middle East/North Africa region this fall. The company anticipates establishing 70 locations in 10 countries over the next 5-10 years. Learn more at


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