Accessible Go-Karts at Amusement Park


High Caliber Karting & Entertainment in Okemos, Michigan, recently unveiled new inclusive go-karts for “thrill-seeking wheelchair users.” The company said that after a year of testing and fine tuning the equipment, the “Handicapable” attraction is ready to use, according to MLive.

The go-karts use a unique hand-operated steering wheel system, which removes the need to use regular brakes and gas pedals. After guests are seated into the specialized go-kart by a lifting sling, legs are strapped in for safety and then racers can take off at speeds of up to 55 MPH.

High Caliber’s owner Jordan Munsters was in a serious car accident that caused him to see disparities for go-kart racing inclusion in his company. After two major back surgeries and facing the possibility of never walking again, MLive reports that Munsters made a plan to make the races more accessible.

“We’re all about creating great memories and building fun moments for our community and guests at High Caliber Karting,” he said. “When I realized we were excluding the handicapable in Michigan, we began a plan to remedy it immediately.”

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