Abari Game Bar Hits $15K in Donations


Charlotte, North Carolina’s Abari Game Bar was forced to close for COVID, and have been wading the water since March. Thanks to a patron and pinball tournament organizer of theirs – Kevin Shanus – they’ve been thrown a life raft by way of $15,140 on GoFundMe.

“COVID-19 has taken away a third of our yearly revenue and completely depleted us of any savings we had,” owner Zach Pulliam told the Charlotte Observer. “We have had to take out two additional loans to cover necessities such as rent and insurance.”

After reaching the goal on the GoFundMe page, Pulliam wrote: “That money is two months of rent to keep us from permanently closing our doors and an invaluable lifeline for us. Abari was the dream of one person with a love of games, but through all of y’all’s support, we realize it’s a lot more than that now – we are a family. We are humbled by every single kind word and donation sent to us during this time and we look forward to when we can thank you all in person.”

Visit www.abarigamebar.com to learn more about the games, beer and fun that goes on at Abari.


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