AAMCF Makes Donation Supporting Tornado Relief


The board of AAMA’s Charitable Foundation made a donation to the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund to help support recovery in places like Mayfield, Ky., which was devastated by recent tornadoes.

AAMA Fundraiser

“Over the weekend, tornadoes carved a path of destruction across several states in the Midwest hitting Western Kentucky hardest,” AAMCF President David Cohen wrote to fellow board members. “The cleanup has just begun and the full extent of the devastation is still not known, but what is known is that the rebuilding of these communities will take enormous effort and years to complete. Our foundation has offered assistance in the past to victims of destructive weather events, and I call on it to do so again.”

The board was in unanimous agreement and a donation was made on Dec. 14. Click here to make your own donation to the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund.


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