AAMA’s 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award


Nominations for AAMA’s annual Lifetime Achievement award are open, giving members of the industry a chance to recognize an individual who has made exceptional, influential contributions to the amusement industry.

Nominees who qualify for the award should have at least 15 years of service in the industry, a knack for showing kindness toward others through his/her work, a clear desire to utilize his/her expertise to help others succeed in the industry and a history of innovative, creative contributions to his/her peers.

AAMA asks that any nominee reflect a combination of ethical strength as well as intellectual, moral and emotional qualities that distinguish the nominee as having an outstanding reputation. If this describes someone you know, click here to nominate them!

Past winners of the award include:

2016 – John Schultz; 2015 – Gary Stern; 2014 – Rick Kirby; 2013 – Al Kress; 2012 – Dave Courington and Joel Kleiman; 2011 – Frank Gumma Sr.; 2010 – Richard Oltmann; 2009 – Malcolm Steinberg; 2008 – Frank Happ; 2007 – Jon P. Brady; 2006 – Jerry Marcus; 2005 – Bill Cravens; 2004 – Morris Piha; 2003 – Joe Sladek and Leah Bettelman; and 2002 – David Marofske Sr.


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