AAMA Announces New Member Benefit


AAMA recently partnered with Service First Processing to offer its members a credit card processing service designed to dramatically lower fees – potentially saving them thousands of dollars annually.

“Early beta testing far exceeded the expectations we had when we were considering partnering with SFP to provide this member benefit,” said Tina Schwartz, AAMA’s business and finance manager. “SFP was able to show test-subject companies potential annual savings ranging from a low of $2,400 to a high of over $170,000 and that’s before any rebates. It’s almost a certainty any member that enrolls in this program will enjoy savings that will at the very least cover their annual membership dues.”

AAMA members can get a free, no-obligation evaluation of their credit card processing history by SFP. Those who sign up see an average savings of 15%. A dedicated helpline is available to AAMA members as well. Learn more at www.sfprocessing.com/AAMA.


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