501 Fun’s AR Darts Hits The Glenwood


501 Fun’s 501 Darts Augmented Reality, distributed globally by Sega Amusements, has made its East Coast U.S. debut at The Glenwood, a recently-renovated restaurant and pub with a game room in Vernon, N.J.

Using steel-tipped darts, 501 Darts AR automatically scores and projects video game-style graphics directly onto the board itself. “I’m from Stoke-on-Trent, UK, a traditional darts town,” said Scott Robertson, who co-owns The Glenwood with his wife Sinead. “I played 501 Darts AR at Boom Battle Bar in Liverpool and I was blown away.”

The Glenwood recently opened up a new game room called The Underground that features three 501 Darts AR lanes and two additional lanes featuring 501’s other darts product, 501 Darts Interactive. Learn more at www.501fun.com or contact [email protected] for more details. Information on The Glenwood is at: www.theglenwoodnj.com.


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