501 Entertainment’s Darts Now in 23 Countries


The U.K.-based 501 Entertainment, among the companies showing this week at IAAPA Expo Europe, has boasted that its products – 501 Darts Augmented Reality and 501 Interactive Darts – are now found in locations in 23 countries and growing.

“While it might be easy to think any modern take on darts can only work in the U.K., we have proof that our 501 Darts Augmented Reality are working very well in multiple, diverse markets,” said Jonny Powell, CEO of 501 Entertainment. “We took a classic pub game and supercharged it with technology to create a social experience that transcends the traditional game and offers immersive, intuitive entertainment that appeals across all demographics and cultures.”

The company’s first install in the U.S. is located at Gold Spike in Las Vegas, followed by The Glenwood in New Jersey. They also have locations at other ends of the earth – from South Africa to Australia. Learn more at www.501fun.com.


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