Zone Video Caters to the Hearing Impaired

0 has released a closed captioned briefing video for the hearing impaired, hoping to make the game more inviting to the thousands of players for which communicating is tough. The company reports that this is an industry first, and hopes it encourages other industry members to do the same. 

“As an industry, we’ve been catering to deaf customers, though for many, it has been difficult,” said Erik Guthrie, VP of by Zone. “It’s rare to find a game marshal who has sufficient training in American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate important information such as safety rules and instructions on how to utilize the equipment efficiently. We’re proud to be the first company to offer the tools for our operators to utilize to meet those needs.” 

Zone operators can gain access to the new CC videos by accessing their Operator Marketing Kit online. For more information on that, operators can contact Guthrie at [email protected] for details.


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