VR Air Hockey From CCP Games


A TRON-inspired VR experiment created by CCP Games (developers of the popular EVE Online game) has been gaining popularity throughout the Internet.

The game, dubbed Brawl, is a simple proof of concept for what could be further development by the company, and offers a futuristic evolution of the arcade classic, air hockey.

Instead of small plastic paddles and pucks, the player wields a VR shield and a gauntlet that launches a glowing disc. The players must dodge or block the opposing disk, while simultaneously launching their own boomerang-style disk and attempting to score points by striking their opponent.

The game looks exciting and uses the latest in VR tech, including Occulus Rift’s soon-to-be-released Touch controller and kinetic feedback (so when you strike a disk, it feels real). For more information, check out this video and a more in-depth article by PC Gamer.


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