UNIS Hosts 1-Day Showcase, Discusses “Innovating into the Future”


Featuring virtual game rooms with their coin-op, consumer and Elite Park product lines, UNIS spent yesterday, Oct. 21, hosting its 2020 Showcase – giving the industry a look into their plans for now and the future.

UNIS general manager Steven Tan discussed the company’s focus on Elite Park – the lineup of products that emphasize fitness, health and fun. “Launching Elite Basketball and Elite Trampoline were our first steps to solidifying our Elite Games platform,” he said. “Elite Parks is the commercial side of things. Our exergames are a new category for us, and also new for the industry.”

Four products are getting ready to launch now – Pogo Jump, Spin Racer, Hyper Glider and Rowing Champs… all highly active games. Tan explained that many types of esports games have players sit around for hours, while the exergaming model is an important trend.

“Our past, present and future games rely heavily on video content,” he said, “and many of our existing games require some form of physical motion combined with arcade gamification.” The Elite Park products also include On Point, the Taito-developed shooting game shown at IAAPA 2019, and Ultra Moto, a motorcycle simulator also first shown at that trade show.

Another continued focus for UNIS now and in the future is on more licensed products like their upcoming Bigfoot Crush, which lets kids race with monster trucks and use them to crush cars and perform stunts.

Innovating with unique products like Smash Arena is also on the agenda, Tan told Showcase attendees. Smash Arena is a curved air hockey machine that combines the physical air hockey element with a video screen (another physical game with that “arcade gamification” element).

As Covid restrictions are lifted around the world, Tan added, “We have to encourage people to get out of their homes and continue to be in social groups.” Visit www.uniselite.com/showrooms or www.uniselite.com/park for more information.


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