Tune Into the Seninsky Expo Channel! 

RePlay’s own Eddie Adlum talks with Seninsky at the 2016 Amusement Expo.
Frank “The Crank” Seninsky is certain that this year’s Amusement Expo International was the “best show in decades.” And in order to commemorate the annual get together, he trawled the show room floor with a friend towing a camera and a mic, interviewing 62 special companies and individuals during the event.
From the laser tag crowd to AMOA organizers to mainstay manufacturers to RePlay’s own Eddie Adlum, the videos chronicle a breadth of knowledge that is now easily accessible through Seninsky’s website. Take a look at a few of the interviews embedded here, or follow this link to see them all.
Seninsky’s interview with PayRange founder Paresh Patel

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