Thinking Outside the Big Box: ShowUp Social Convention Kicks Off


With new ways of doing business in mind, the ShowUp FEC Convention began yesterday led by organizer and master of ceremonies Bob Cooney. It may be a convention, but certainly anything but conventional. Aside from catching up with friends, attendees were greeted with a slew of panel discussions and thought-provoking sessions led by industry experts.

After the first bit of trade show business, where you can see new product demos and learn more about what’s on offer, the keynote speaker of the day Lisa O’Neill spent some time inspiring operators with “the power of possibility.” The common refrain since early 2020 has been the “unprecedented times” we’re living in, which can limit beliefs. Why not make 2021 your best year yet?

Among the big conversations of the day were a panel called Eat This! Food is the New Anchor Attraction, Gaining STEAM (sponsored by SPREE Interactive) and Silver Linings Playbook – Success Stories Within a Pandemic.

To round out the day – just before the virtual receptions and other events kicked off – Cooney was joined by Brent Bushnell, co-founder and CEO of Two-Bit Circus, and Michael Schreiber, CEO of FunLab, for a “Thinking Outside the Big Box” discussion. The trio discussed takeaways from the day, which included that it’s a great time for experimentation; that customers are willing to forgive “mistakes” as businesses are in flux; and that a hybrid in-person/virtual model is the key to not only Covid life, but post-pandemic life as well.


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