Qubica’s Jolly Good In U.K. (and SoCal, Too) 


One of the largest bowling centers in the United Kingdom is located in Romford’s Pavilion. Called Rollerbowl, it’s being modernized with QubicaAMF product at the moment. Pavilion’s Barry Twaddle said: “We looked at other manufacturers, but found our needs best met by QubicaAMF’s BES-X scoring and Conqueror Pro management systems. They deliver on all fronts, from customer satisfaction to back-office control. 

“I’m thrilled we’ve been selected to supply the equipment for this exciting renovation,” said Qubica/AMF’s U.K. Sales & Service Manager Darren Lewis. “Rollerball will have our latest technology, with upgraded pinspotters to Xli automated bumpers across the house. It will be the largest center in the country,” declared Darren.

Closer to home, the Rancho Bowl in Santa Maria, Calif., also got a facelift by installing Qubica/AMF’s Harmony Furniture (designed for bowling centers), as well as the BES-X scoring system). Luke and Ashley Carranza say their place is spiff and that customers love the look.

Today, over 600 centers representing more than 10,000 lanes in 65 countries around the world are using BES-X with over 100 million games bowled. In addition, QubicaAMF claims such centers are consistently reporting typical increases in total revenue upwards of 20%, expanded repeat business and longer customer visits . . . all within the first years of installing the system.


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