QubicaAMF Launches New Duckpin Bowling Attraction


QubicaAMF just debuted their new Fly’n Ducks duckpin bowling attraction at the Las Vegas Nightclub & Bar Show, held June 29-30. They’re at Booth #472 of that event.

Fly’n Ducks utilizes the BES X Bowler Entertainment System, Conqueror X center management system and the EDGE String pinspotter to “deliver the best duckpin experience and more variety and entertainment for customers,” the company says. The product is available in four lane lengths and can be purchased with or without the traditional bowler approach platform.

“We developed Fly’n Ducks to deliver a better duckpin experience,” said Neil Pennington, QubicaAMF’s director of performance equipment. “It’s now easier and more fun than ever for consumers to enjoy duckpin bowling and for new investors to include duckpin bowling in their project. In addition to the classic three-ball duckpin game, players can choose from an endless variety of fun and skill games available with BES X. And, utilizing the EDGE String pinspotting technology ensures the best reliability at the lowest operating cost possible.”

Learn more at www.qubicaamf.com.


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