AMOA Announces New Jukebox Promo Program


In partnership with AMI Entertainment and TouchTunes, AMOA just announced the development of Jukebox Jams Emerging Artists, a new industry program “created to generate awareness, excitement and inspiration for the jukebox music experience nationwide.”

The inaugural Jukebox Jams program will showcase a select playlist of up-and-coming artists to drive more awareness of the artists themselves as well as the jukebox experience. It will run from Nov. 1 through National Jukebox Day (Nov. 24).

“AMOA has partnered with both AMI Entertainment and TouchTunes in bringing the Jukebox Emerging Artists program to life,” said Michael Martinez, AMOA Jukebox Promotion chair. “The program will run across AMI and TouchTunes jukeboxes with an initial focus on country, rock, Latin, hip-hop and pop genres.”

Added outgoing AMOA President Greg Trent: “The jukebox is a primary staple of the amusement operator’s portfolio. AMOA is excited to have not only created a program that will give operators the tools to engage with their jukebox locations, but a program where we have the opportunity to drive awareness of the jukebox music experience outside of our industry.”

To learn more about the Jukebox Jams Emerging Artists program, AMOA operators are encouraged to attend the AMOA annual membership breakfast at 8 a.m. on July 1 (located at the Westgate Hotel’s Pavilion 11). Learn more at


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