Pioneer Hosts Productive AMI Seminar


Distributor Pioneer Sales & Service hosted an AMI jukebox seminar Thursday, Aug. 25, in its Menomonee Falls, Wisc., offices with over 50 people (representing 24+ amusement companies) in attendance, some coming from as far as four hours away.

AMI reps displayed the company’s newest hardware, like its NGX Ultra downloading jukebox, which they say has doubled operators’ income in some places, as well as the NGX Mini2 and a new subwoofer stand.

Pioneer topper Jon Kleiman said the seminar covered a wide range of topics in addition to the new hardware, including software updates and enhancements AMI has been rolling out. It also offered hands-on demonstrations of AMI’s operator website, Ad Manager, how to install multiple zones of music, creating user security levels, wiring speakers with subwoofers and installing multiple TVs for music videos and ads.

Lunch was served to attendees and there were plenty of giveaways such as a 43″ TV, music video kit, $100 gift card along with t-shirts and hats. And regardless of who won prizes, Jon said, “Everyone walked away with more information on how to use all the AMI features to earn more money.”

“Go figure, it still works!” he continued. “We did it with 45s, CDs and now downloading; If we all work together — manufacturer, distributor, operator and location, we all make money.” Kleiman added that he wanted to extend a special thanks to Bryan Aune, Dave Kibbe and Kapil Mistry for all their great work making the seminar a success.

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