Pinstack Gets First Photo Studio Deluxe


1669279b-e50c-4f24-818c-c7d6120fcf7c The first production unit of Apple Industries’ super-sized Face Place Photo Studio Deluxe was installed at the Pinstack FEC located in Plano, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. According to the factory, the machine was quickly established as an “unprecedented moneymaker, with lines of customers waiting to use it on a Saturday night.” Pinstack’s initial earnings figures seemed to confirm Apple’s excitement and their assurance that in a high-traffic location, the Photo Studio Deluxe can earn thousands of dollars a week.

After four days of earnings, the machine reportedly ranked fifth against a full week’s earnings by every other machine in the lavish 50,000-sq.-ft. FEC. Said Pinstack’s VP of Operations, Brian Cohen: “The first time I saw Photo Studio Deluxe at the IAAPA show last year, I knew this amazing machine was going to be a major attraction for my locations.

“Not only will it earn commanding revenues in its own right,” Cohen continued, “it will drive more customer traffic to my location.  It will definitely create a buzz, an atmosphere, that makes people excited to be here. Now that we’ve installed the Studio on our floor, I’m delighted to say it is meeting and even exceeding those expectations,” he declared.

Cohen says he believes that the piece offers the timeless appeal of photography, making it unlike many other pieces of equipment that lose their appeal over time. The machine is designed to serve seven to eight customers at a time for group stills and videos. Apple says operators are expected to be able to 2688faf0-cb00-4af3-83cd-329eb423d740successfully charge $10 per vend. After all the upsell, the factory says it can generate $50 or more per use.

“Distributors worldwide are clamoring for us to deliver Photo Studio Deluxe as fast as we can manufacture them,” said Apple Industries CEO Allen Weisberg.  “We were backordered with high-volume orders before the first unit shipped.  We’re building as quickly as possible to satisfy the initial wave of orders, and as news spreads about the earnings at Pinstack, fresh orders are coming in every day!” For more information, visit


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