Pinballz Lake Creek Getting 7D Dark Ride


A new, multi-sensory adventure ride — Triotech’s 7D Dark Ride Theater — is slated to open soon (May 10) at Pinballz Lake Creek in Austin, Texas. The attraction will take riders on an adrenaline-charged journey through an interactive adventure complete with real-time 3D graphics, motion, light, sound and non-stop excitement.

The Dark Ride offers many different movie-themed experiences for riders. Adults and teens will use a “light gun” attached to each seat to fight off the walking dead in the film Zombies, and children will have a chance to hop on a chuck wagon, a train, or sail down the river rapids for a ride in the wild west, as they battle a posse of robot cowboys in Los Banditos.

Other movies include both land and air battles against Werewolves in London and Gigamon (a Godzilla-like creature) in New York City. The ride accommodates up to eight riders, all competing for the highest score and bragging rights.

This is the first 7D Dark Ride interactive theater in Austin, according to Triotech.

“We continually improve our game lineup to offer our guests a unique combination of every social gaming experience — from old school classic arcades and pinball machines to the newest cutting-edge games and entertainment,” said Pinballz CEO Darren Spohn. “This month we’re elevating the level of excitement exponentially with the debut of Austin’s first Dark Ride. It’s an experience that traditionally could only be found in the world’s largest theme parks – a multi-dimensional, fully interactive experience that immerses you into socially competitive gameplay. It blends the genres of an amusement park ride, interactive video game, and immersive movie experience. It’s hard to describe, it can only be experienced!”

Pinballz is hosting a zombie-themed party on May 9 to celebrate the opening of the new attraction. While members of the Pinballz Resistance Group (the company’s loyalty program) automatically get a free ride on the Dark Ride, a limited edition t-shirt, a themed drink, finger food and a photo op just for showing up.

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