Million Ticket Bonus Attempt


On Sept. 18 at Steve Shoemaker’s Fun Factory in Redondo Beach, Calif., a customer had a chance to win a million tickets on Shoemaker’s 1 Shot 1 skill game.

“There were a hundred customers watching and the excitement was ecstatic. The player lost by a quarter of an inch,” said Shoemaker. “They had a great experience trying for the highest bonus in arcade history.”

Steve builds the piece under his Diamond Games brand. The machine is a “one price, one try, one prize” experience with a possible million-ticket bonus.  (There are post card and gift card versions in addition to the 5,000-ticket model.)

1-shot-1-skillShoemaker said, “It’s all basically the same game, but you adjust the difficulty settings. There is no auto-percentaging and all players have the same skill requirements.”

In his Fun Factory, Shoemaker says he operates 1 Shot 1 on quarter play with one win equal to 5,000 tickets, but it’s hard to win. Two wins in a row gets a million tickets. “At a penny a ticket, a million tickets is $10,000, but it’s extremely difficult to do that. Even so, people love to play.”

Shoemaker said 1 Shot 1 only occupies a square foot of floor space and does $300 per week. “That’s not a lot of money if you compare it to the big games; it’s just 20 percent of what Big Bass Wheel brings in, but it does it in a much smaller space and is only $1,500. It’s also lightweight and goes anywhere. It’s an awfully nice little game and I think is the best-earning game per square foot by far.”

Shoemaker said they’re selling 1 Shot 1 strictly through distributors. For more information, click here or look for the game at IAAPA!


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