Jersey Jack Reveals Third Pin at Expo

Veteran pinball designer Pat Lawlor (left) and JJP owner Jack Guarnieri with the company's first original concept machine, Dialed In.

Veteran pinball designer Pat Lawlor (left) and JJP owner Jack Guarnieri with the company’s first original concept machine, Dialed In.

It’s been a big week for pinball! Jersey Jack decided to add to all the excitement with the surprise unveiling of the company’s third pingame at the annual Pinball Expo in Chicago last night (Oct. 13). The game, Dialed In, is the company’s first original concept game and was designed by legendary pinball creator Pat Lawlor. Dialed In is set to deliver in quarter two of 2017 and the company is taking orders now.

“We are so excited to finally be able to share this game with our fans,” said Jack Guarnieri, Jersey Jack Pinball founder. “This machine embodies our company-wide mission to bring premium, no-compromise games to our fans, with features that have never been seen before in a pinball game.”

Dialed In is the first game designed by Lawlor in over a decade. Early reports from JJP tell of at least one previously unseen feature in pinball machines: smartphone integration.

dialed-in-playfieldDuring multiball, a player can place their smartphone facedown on the glass to activate a special mode. That’s far from the new machine’s only exciting feature though: the game’s backbox is filled from side-to-side with a 27″HD monitor, five magnets are spread throughout the playfield, a 3D interactive projected image appears and disappears, a smartphone with a small LCD screen, and an animated robot toy and hidden trap door should keep gameplay interesting.

The game is also being released in a limited run as a Collector’s Edition and Limited Edition, with distribution beginning summer of 2017. They will both feature original art by illustrator John Youssi, as well as player-controlled audio jacks and a five-speaker stereo surround sound system.

JJP presented the new game alongside their newest edition of The Hobbit. According to Guarnieri, over 400 people attended the unveiling and his company sold over 700 games last night alone. For more info on the new machine, click here.



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