Makers of Popular Fishbowl Frenzy Ready to Show Off New Game


Team Play, the company that developed the popular, augmented reality ticket redemption game Fishbowl Frenzy, has a new machine ready to debut at IAAPA: Launch Code.

LaunchCode_front3In the new piece, players attempt to drop four balls into targets in the game, advancing the star-ward bound progress of Launch Code’s lovable, in-game alien character: Codey. On-screen animations, vibrant LED lights and upbeat sounds and music keep the game interesting and make it stand out in the ticket redemption universe.

The factory says Launch Code allows players “100 percent skill play” as they attempt at buckets of tickets. A giant 65″ monitor and the game’s HD graphics enhance the mechanical aspects of the game, while a wide range of operator adjustments (including the ability to set the game to “winner every time”) allows control over ticket dispensing. Team Play also says the game features fast-loading technology to create “zero wait times between games.”

Team Play built and designed the game in the U.S., focusing on quick, fun and addictive gameplay they say will keep customers returning time and time again. There’s nothing too complicated about the gameplay either, ensuring that Launch Code will appeal to all ages.

For more information, look for the game at IAAPA or check out the Team Play website here.


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