LAI Unlocks a Looker!


LAI unveiled a brand new skill-based redemption game at Bowl Expo called The Vault. This bank heist-themed game pits players against the clock as they try and align the five spinning tumblers to unlock the maximum security safe and the rewards inside. 

The VaultEach game is accompanied by a Pink Panther-esque opening theme that puts the player in the mood for some mischief, and the strongbox look of the machine, complete with flashing police lights, laser beams and a “maximum” security safe, ensures that players will feel like they’re actually pulling off a heist. In order to win, the player tries to break into the vault by stopping a series of spinning reels in their respective green zones. If done successfully, The Vault will unlock to a huge ticket haul. If the player stops in the red zone too many times, they lose and are “arrested” as the police lights flash and security sirens blare.

LAI execs said they believe they’ve left no stone unturned in the quest to make this “the perfect experience-driven game. “From the sensory stimulation and sense of escapism to the rewards, every element in The Vault has been rigorously tested in live game rooms across the U.S. and key international markets, showing impressive ROI for operators and top tier revenue per square foot,” the company stated.

The game is available in LAI’s Bowl Expo booth (#3333), and you’ll be seeing more of it as the company ramps up production. For more information, visit


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