Spotlight Feature – Jersey Jack Pinball’s The Godfather 50th Anniversary Pinball

Eric Muenier and Jack Guarnieri with The Godfather in the JJP Factory

Eric Meunier and Jack Guarnieri with The Godfather in the JJP factory.

A Pingame “You Can’t Refuse”

The Jersey Jack Family Comes Out with The Godfather

JJP The Godfather - Collectors Edition

JJP The Godfather – Collectors Edition

The world of pinball has a new license to gawk at thanks to Jersey Jack bringing The Godfather to market for the first time. The pinball machine, made in partnership with Paramount Consumer Products, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the film.

“The Godfather is one of my favorite movies,” explained Jersey Jack Pinball founder Jack Guarnieri. “It’s iconic and it’s a license that’s never been done in the coin-op amusement industry.” He added that the company did the same with their Wizard of Oz and Toy Story machines. “I always love a challenge.”

The game, available in collector’s and limited-edition models, allows players to start their journey by selecting from the Corleone, Tattaglia, Barzini, Cuneo or Stracci families; each family offers unique abilities to aid in your progression of ruling New York City.

Added Guarnieri: “The Godfather is a cinematic masterpiece that has held its place in movie history for over half a century. The Godfather pinball machine captures the essence of the films and offers a unique gameplay experience. This game is the ultimate collector’s item.”

Despite it being a dramatic film, he noted that the way The Godfather was designed for the pinball machine leads to a lot of action.

“Capturing the universe of The Godfather in pinball was an exciting experience,” said the game’s designer Eric Meunier. “Our team pulled out all the stops to get a world-under-glass experience in every way. Unique mechs and shots, immersive programming, iconic video and audio from the most recognizable movie scenes and actors, and stellar animations and artwork wrapped with an excellent sound package all meld together to create a truly unique pinball experience.”

The fast-shooting gameplay begins as soon as you hit the start button, the company boasts. The playfield design has 29 unique ball paths, a 3-ball lock capable of feeding all three flippers, four custom sculpts including a Statue of Liberty and bust of Vito Corleone, an under-playfield subway system, exclusive JJP HotRail lighting and more.

In the jam-packed game, players collect soldiers and enter the Don’s office to take on new jobs. You can shoot the ball into The Compound active newton-ball area to defend your family stronghold from incursions by enemy families or head to The Hideout or CityScape loop ramp to outrun them.

The machine features a 27” color LCD monitor, which in addition to showing scenes can bring the player into the game with Jersey Jack’s interactive gameplay camera. (Players can also share their high scores thanks to QR technology.)

A custom soundtrack was even created for the game, including an electric guitar version of “Speak Softly Love,” performed by Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Slash, as well as a vocal version by Mark Tremonti.

The machine also features hand-drawn artwork from Christopher Franchi and Jesper Abels with art direction and animations by Jean-Paul DeWin. Rules programming was led by Keith Johnson.

There will be 5,000 Limited Edition pinball machines as well as 1,000 Collector’s Edition units. Guarnieri said the game is doing a great job of bringing more folks into the pinball realm. “People who weren’t owners of pinball machines are buying this game,” he shared. “It’s expanding the player base of pinball.

“And it’s a family game, though it’s a different type of family,” Jack quipped. “Make your location an offer they can’t refuse.

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