Ghostbusters Goes VR


The Void, an immersive VR entertainment center in Utah, has teamed up with Sony Pictures to create their first public experience, which will debut at Madame Tussauds Times Square attraction on July 1. The event will capitalize on interest in the Ghostbusters franchise prior to the new film’s release on July 15.

According to the company, the audience will experience what it is like to be an actual Ghostbuster as they track and trap a supernatural foe through a New York apartment complex that combines physical props and sets, real-time interactive effects and VR technology.

“Who wouldn’t want to answer the call, suit up as a Ghostbuster, and blast their way through a ghost-infested New York apartment with a proton pack?” asked Jake Zim, Sr. VP of Digital Marketing at Sony Pictures. 

For more information, click here or check out this promotional video. 


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