From RePlay’s Publisher


The April 2020 edition of RePlay Magazine mails from our printer in Pontiac, Ill. (Johnson Press of America) today. When subscribers get their copies, their eyes will pop. Yes, in these times of the Covid, this beautiful issue will look anachronistic with all its Expo photos and stories, ad messages on those fresh, new machines, route and arcade features and helpful columns from the usual gang. Maybe not exactly what’s really going on today, they’ll muse.

But harking back to 2008 when so many things were falling apart, I remember some guy dropped us a line after reading his RePlay, saying (tongue in cheek): “I never knew the industry was doing so great until I read the magazine!” That sarcasm from an operator who wasn’t doing so great was duly noted. Guess what? The industry really was getting on its feet, then got to doing okay, then better than okay, proving once again, the truth of that simple phrase: “This too shall pass.”

Chins up. . .Eddie Adlum


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