FEU Finishes Fifteen Years


Foundations Entertainment University completed its 15th consecutive year of program sessions with class number 43 in Chicago from Aug. 8-10. 56 people attended the event, breaking down into 32 attendees, 17 sponsors and six speakers. 20 states were represented with two attendees flying across the ocean from the U.K. to attend the highly respected FEC education event.

FEU was also honored by the attendance of five special industry association attendees: AAMA brought Pete Gustafson, Tina Schwartz and Ashley Davis, while AMOA was represented by Maggie Kapinos.

Attendees at FEU43 had a lot of positive responses to the event, some of which are below:

Yvonne Muhammad from Fun Town, Chicago, Ill. – ‘Once again, I want to thank you for this class. I was left speechless and now that I have had a moment to reflect, I have words to add to my survey and questions. As for my words of gratitude: The love that you have for this industry was very well demonstrated over the course of these three days… The tools that you’ve left for us are a true testament to the words that I speak. Each presentation – WOW! I am overwhelmed… You’ve placed in our hands, invaluable information that if we follow correctly would make it next to impossible for us to fail. Another testament to that fact that you want us to be successful. The bond and the respect that you have amongst your team speaks volumes… Don’t ever stop doing what you do. I’m stopping now because here comes the waterworks. Until we meet again. At my site.”

George Green from Playground Surf, Lighthouse Point, Fla. – “Best seminar that I have ever attended in 35 years. Top quality speakers that were lively and knowledgeable. What did I like least about Foundations? Absolutely nothing; everything was great and worth all the money spent on travel, lodging & food. Thank you so much!!!”

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