Face Place Set to Scare Up Some Profits


Apple Industries recently rolled out an automatic update to the thousands of operators using their Face Place photo booths around the country. New art, borders and graphics have been added to spook customers and get everyone in the Halloween spirit.

“Apple continually downloads new art packages to networked Face Place equipment in order to drive more holiday business,” said COO Scott Avery. “There’s another popular holiday practically every month of the year, and we support them with new graphics from New Year’s Eve to Valentine’s Day to Saint Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and of course, Christmas.”

The company says past holiday weekend promos have sent profits soaring up to 110 percent higher than a typical weekend. These new graphics automatically prompt themselves to any customers using Smile 2.0 photo booths, making the chance to earn more money a breeze.

“We have discovered when customers see our fun holiday borders and in-picture art, they come back and take more photos,” noted Apple execs. “Halloween tends to bring out the fun and spirited nature in all of us and what’s more fun and spirited than a photo booth?”

For more information, click here. Happy Halloween!


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