Face Place Says “Smile Again”


Apple Industries is touting the need for the “good-feel” vibe of photo booths during the Covid era – encouraging customers and users alike to “smile again.”

“In the era of Covid, customers are looking for the comforts and the familiarity of the past, but are also voraciously seeking new entertainment experiences as they venture out again,” the company wrote. “During Covid, there have been many challenges and so much more sadness than joy. Photo booths give customers a reason to feel good, a reason to smile and a moment to escape the ‘new normal’ and maybe now more than ever – that’s just what we need!”

Face Place noted that photo booths have been around since being introduced as the World Fair in Paris in 1889, and were first mass produced in 1925 – shortly after the Spanish Flu that has been often compared to Covid.

“An entertainment location owner’s job is for the customer to have a good time,” added CEO Allen Weisberg. “The customer doesn’t need to know why they had a good time, but they just need to know they had a good time.” Learn more at www.facebplacephoto.com.


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