Embed Touts Ticket Time, A New Australian Arcade


Despite the ongoing Covid pandemic, the Ticket Time arcade opened in Australia this June. Owner Luke Phillips said he knew he needed to implement a system that could act as a “staff member,” so he took advantage of Embed’s self-service kiosk, which promotes contactless payments by allowing customers to reload game cards and check balances without having to wait in line.

In addition to the Ticket Time location, Phillips launched an unmanned pop-up arcade in a local mall where anyone with a Ticket Time game card can go redeem their saved value.

“The biggest improvement that helped our business is installing the Embed kiosk,” he said. “With smaller staffing needs during this time, this machine has been so valuable for us because it takes the pressure off our staff in busier times. It’s the best investment machine I have purchased.”

Within six weeks of opening, the game center generated $17,000 in revenue, Embed reports, while saving $7,000 in extra wages by using the kiosk. Click here to see Phillips’ interview with Embed, and visit www.embedcard.com for more information.


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